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  • 生产交货时间基于工作日,不包括任何运输日。
  • Production-ready artwork (when applicable) must accompany the order confirmation. Delays in uploading artwork may lead to expedited charges or shipping changes.
  • 没有签署的订单确认,没有订单将释放到生产。
  • Shipping is based on the availability of materials and graphics. Additional charges may apply if materials or graphics must be expedited.
  • 根据客户服务和生产中的日程开口,可以提供更短的交货时间。急需收费可能适用。
  • Standard lead times do not apply to orders of multiple quantities.
  • 请查看所有租赁展品的产品可用性。
Exhibit Weight根据包装和运输方式而变化。变量包括但不限于:
  • 尺寸重量与实际重量:Dimensional weight is defined as crate or case size. On most air shipments, the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight
  • 便携式案例与木板或模压浴缸(适用):需要一个木箱的展览设计需要多个便携式案例。选择一个VS.另一个影响总重量(尺寸或实际)。
  • Freight Carrier:LTL载体(少于卡车)引用基于所使用的空间的货物。UPS,FedEx和Air Freight运营商根据货件的实际重量引用货运。
  • 货运服务水平(天数):服务勒vels range from Same Day Delivery to Two Week Delivery.
电气,电源线和电线管理varies depending on the display and each exhibitor's requirements. When ordering your trade show display, consider the following electrical/wire management issues and discuss your options with an exhibit professional:
  • 内联与岛屿显示
  • Lead Retrieval Devices
  • Computer and Monitor Cables
  • Demo Equipment
  • 开销照明
  • Grommets and Grommet Placement in Counters
  • Overhead vs. Floor Power Supply
  • 地板和电气布线
  • Options for Hiding Cords and Cables
  • 平与圆形电线
  • Multi-Plug Outlets and Extension Cords
通过查看您的接线选项you order your display, you'll save时间andMONEY并确保您的展览超出您的期望,您的安装是无故障的。