We are pleased to announce that five 2020 Exhibits projects that have been selected as finalists in EXHIBITOR Magazine’s seventh annual Portable/Modular Awards.

据Jeannette Sanders称,2020年的营销总监“这是一个荣幸地在五个类别中命名为决赛,其中包括11月,加德纳丹佛,ZENWERD / ZESTY PAW,全球鹰和2020个展品的项目。我们期待下一步,宣布参展人员在拉斯维加斯的获奖者。“

Zesty Paws.被命名为决赛者最佳的在线展览类别是什么不喜欢这个卓越奖的小型贸易展展位为Zesty Paws?从一开始就有一个鼓舞人心的设计,这个展览环境是轻松的,有充足的空间,包括产品并扩大想象力!一种友好的剪裁道具,包括树木,云,狗和猫可以在展览中互换。

加德纳丹佛被命名为决赛者最好的面料展览类别。OTC2019,加德纳丹佛站在a sea of exhibitors. Stretching the brand story and message with big, bold swaths of fabric and immersive content, their exhibit environment, and the experience stood heads above the competition. From top to bottom and throughout, the Gardner Denver experience delivers thoughtful environmental touches. By leverage fabrics, display panels, and digital activation, the experience canceled out the noise of competitors. Fabric elements command attention with Gardner Denver branding, messaging, and imagery capturing attention from across the show floor. The 235″ x 188″ outside wall boldly declares the Gardner Denver mission and vision: Purpose. Driven. Service. Since 1859. (If only all companies could have such a powerful history and future to stand upon.

全球鹰被命名为决赛者最好的国际设计类别。现代化的展示,这种创造性的品牌展示包括一个真正的驾驶舱,带有自定义飞机和飞机舱。对于这艘航空的飞行员和飞行爱好者,这是一个爱情人群的飞行员,这种定制驾驶舱可通过拟定的驾驶舱允许更多私人会议。战略和主题紧密对齐,重点关注您旅行时感受到家庭娱乐的整体主题。辉煌的弯曲,悬挂的织物标牌在展厅横跨展台。全球鹰的名字大而大胆,故意从云中弹出。镜像屋顶的屋顶的屋顶,这种弯曲的吊牌引起了环境的核心 - 飞机的长圆柱舱,私人会议区战略性地藏在舱内。让我们乘飞机。

2020展览2019年展示“让我们成长”被命名为决赛者最好的岛屿展览600至1000平方英尺类别。Experience matters. From inspiring creative to thoughtful strategy, seamless execution, and more, the right team and an unforgettable experience can make all the difference in the world. Plant yourself, we say. Dig in. Let’s roll up our sleeves and take time to fully appreciate and understand your trade show program’s goals and objectives. It is only with and in taking action that growth can occur. Yes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now, TODAY. The exhibit experience was developed in a layered, highly visual way to capture attention and attract visitors from far and wide across the show floor. Whether drawn to the exhibit by beautiful videos running across the massive LED video wall (across 150 screens) or the desire to “dig deeper” after seeing the massive 8′ x 6′ 3-D depiction of the firm’s name 2020 , the creative design team took great care to create a clear and consistent layered hierarchy of storytelling throughout the experience, so attendees can easily walk through the environment, no matter where they begin.

NOVis named a finalist the最好使用技术类别。Show-stopping and then some, this exceptional large trade show exhibit for NOV @ OTC2019 delivers across all angles. This experiential environment celebrates innovative ways to create an inviting, comfortable, and more intimate spaces that feel deliberate, inviting, and intentional. Key drivers for this exhibit experience – people, technology, and service – are showcased in a way that is genuine and feels highly personal.

开放到模块化,系统和便携式展览,在美国或国外首次亮相,这次竞争由一个世界知名的设计师和营销专家判断。根据参展商杂志的Travis Stanton的说法,“便携式/模块化展品在贸易展楼层越来越普遍,并且很容易看出原因。它们通常不那么昂贵,可以更便宜,更容易安装,比传统的自定义展览更加多样化。本次竞争旨在挑选这些经济实惠,适应性和可重新配置和可重新配置的结构的最卓越,同时展示了可以使用便携式,模块化和系统组件创建的精心设计的令人欣赏的引人注目的展示。“

About 2020 Exhibits
总部设在德克萨斯州休斯顿,在芝加哥,辛辛那提,克利夫兰,格林维尔,拉斯维加斯,盐湖城,圣路易斯和托莱多和托莱多省的办事处提供总贸易和活动管理,包括设计,制作和安装118金宝app for clients locally, nationally and internationally. With a laser-sharp focus on the delivery of dynamic interactive experiences to build brand engagement, 2020 Exhibits proven expertise in the integration of custom rental exhibits and multi-screen, A/V rich environments helps global brands drive results. The Environments Division's Corporate Interiors and Signage Group delivers crisp and compelling ADA-Compliant and Architectural Signage; Multifamily Creative Sign and Environmental Sign Design; Sign Package Design, Fabrication and Installation Nationwide; Environmental & Wayfinding Signage along with robust Naming & Identity programs.

Since 1987, the company's award-winning team has worked collaboratively with clients to provide optimum exposure and offers the total event package of services and support including interactive technologies;铅捕获;corporate events;会议展品;事件管理;音频视觉和数字多媒体;内部生产和印刷;经验营销;活动家具;图形和创意设计;品牌营销通讯;交钥匙展物流; turnkey show management along with warehousing and storage.